1. To Protect the Weak
    Hayapol absorbs the impact of falling down. Thus it can protect the physically handicapped, the aged, infants and babies from injury in case of falling.
2. Comfortable Cushion, Pleasant Feeling while Walking
    Hayapol provides adequate cushion, thus it can absorb impact and sound of footsteps while walking. It is suitable for sound protection of underground pass, recreational facilities and etc.
3. Non-slip Safety
    Due to its interlocking design and good drainage, Hayapol has slip resistance on the surface. Pedestrian can walk comfortably and safely even in the rain.
4. Excellent Weather Resistance
    Hayapol can be for all-weather type. Not only indoors, it can be used outdoors without cracks or bends due to sunlight. It will maintain its good appearance for years.
5. Free Designing with 9 Colors Selection
    Hayapol comes in 9 colors, offering a great variety of colors and pattern selections to match the environment.
6. Easy Installation and Maintenance
    Hayapol can easily be installed and maintenance is simple.
7. Recycled Raw Materials
    The middle and lower layers of Hayapol is made of recycle tire chips including trucks, aircraft and buses. It is an environmentally friendly product.

8. Flame Retardant

Hayapol fulfills the Flame Retardant Test Standard for flame retardant products in Japan.